Mother’s cherish their children’s artwork and now a local cake maker will put your kid’s best work on a cake. And for those who would rather bake with mom, there’s a class for that too. 7’s Belkys Nerey has some sweet ideas for quality time with mom in tonight’s Style File.

WSVN — Hot off the presses just in time for Mother’s Day.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat for mom, take your child’s artwork off the fridge and put it on a cake.

Sarah Claro: “Mom will love it and your children are going to be so flattered to see it on the centerpiece at Mother’s Day lunch.”

Sarah Claro at offers something called “Draw a Doodle.”

You send them a special drawing from the kids and they’ll scan it and print it on the cake of your choice.

Sarah Claro: “We print it on edible paper, paper you can eat, and we apply it to a cake and make it artwork they’ll never forget.”

They also have some unique templates for your child to draw on like this newspaper headline for world’s best mom.

Sarah Claro: “It’s got a nice square for your kid to go ahead and draw and send it right back to us.”

Cakes start at $35 and the cake, icing and filling is up to you.

Sarah Claro: “Whether it’s creamy fudge with chocolate chips, some yummy nutella or even some dulce de leche which is heavenly.”

If you’d rather make and bake something with your child, this Saturday db Bistro Moderne in Brickell is hosting the Junior Pastry Academy.

Andrew Kutz: “Teaching the children the life of a pastry chef, so it’s the recipes, the precision, but at the same time being creative and having fun.”

Pastry Chef Jerome Maure will help the young baker’s tap into their imagination as they measure, mix and decorate their favorite sweet treats. Many of them made just for mom.

Ava: “Decorating them and making cool things on them.”

Joa Enkin: “It’s the eating and the decorating cause you want to make it look good and eat it.”

Moms can join in all the fun.

Ursula Koltun: “It’s nice to share that quality time with them. It’s so special. I love you, Mom cookie.”

But if mommy dearest needs some “Me” time, she can head over to the bar with the other moms for complimentary cocktails and a selection of Chef Daniel Boulud’s favorite canapés.

Andrew Kutz: “Enjoy a cocktail, one of our signature cocktails being the white cosmo. We’ll have some Daniel Boulud smoked salmon, some little pâté.”

Kelly Gold: “We get the best of both worlds. We get to spend time with our children and we get to spend time with our close friends.”

Having your child cook for you without a mess at home? I’d say that’s a happy Mother’s Day.

“I want to say ‘I love you mommy!'”

Belkys Nerey: “The cost of the Junior Pastry Academy is $85 for both child and mom and that includes the food and cocktails.

There is still plenty of room for this Saturday’s class but you will need to make a reservation now.

For More Information:

Draw-A-Doodle cakes


Junior Pastry Academy at

db Bistro Moderne

255 Biscayne Way

Miami, FL 33131

(305) 421-8800

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