WSVN — His father was a longshoreman. Mack Peeples was a longshoreman and loved the loading and unloading on the docks so much, Mack wanted his friends to become longshoremen.

Turkessia Peebles: "My Dad enjoyed it, so he always trying to find someone else, 'Come on, be a longshoreman. Be a longshoreman,' he enjoyed his job."

A wonderful father, a devoted grandfather, a thoughtful son.

Irma Peebles Cuyler: "He was a kind loving person and he always tried to help other peoples."

He enjoyed his union brothers so much that two-years-ago on Halloween night he stopped by the longshoreman's club after work to say hi to his friends and get a bite to eat. He sat in his truck in this parking lot till a waiter came out to tell him his food was ready.

Sgt. Frank Sousa: "At first, he thought it was Halloween maybe Mack Peebles was wearing a gruesome costume cause there was a large amount of blood coming from his body."

Mack had been brutally stabbed while sitting in the front seat of his truck.

Mom and daughter: "That's why we think, we think it was somebody that knew him."

Mack let someone get very close to him, maybe they knew him. They certainly wanted him dead.

Sgt. Frank Sousa: "Because this was a heinous act, to commit the murder the way it was committed and in the close proximity it has to be someone with a lot of hate and vengeance in them."

And why someone would want to kill Mack Peeples? Everyone in fact his mother says his biggest flaw, he was too nice, too trusting.

"And to me I think he had a poor judgment of people, really. He took everybody to be good when they wasn't."

Patrick Fraser: "Mack's murder makes no sense to his family, and as another Halloween approaches, police say it makes no sense to them why someone at the club that night hasn't stepped forward and said something."

Sgt. Frank Sousa: "By and it's very nature being Halloween night, it's a busy night. We truly feel as an agency that someone had to have seen something."

Police are frustrated and so are Macks fellow longshoremen.

Mike. D. Payne: "With his passing it cast a dark cloud over our local and put everybody in bad spirits."

Union members are so upset they opened their wallets to get a witness to step forward.

Mike. D. Payne: "The membership got together and agreed to put up $25,000 reward in hopes that whoever perpetrated this horrible crime would be caught and brought to justice."

His union brothers want a killer caught. Mack's family wants a question answered.

Irma Peebles Cuyler: "I'd just like that person to please come forward and let me know why it was done?"

Police get so many questions answered during an investigation, but in this one they need a few more answers.

Sgt. Frank Sousa: "The police need that small tip that small piece of information that like I said could open up this case and bring closure to this family."

A family that lost a son, a father, a grandfather.

Turkessia Peebles: "It's hard at times when you have to explain to your kids why they can't go see their grandfather anymore."

His family wants answers. His union brothers are offering $25,000 reasons to provide them, police are waiting.

If you know anyone who might have had it out for Mack Peeples, someone who was jealous or upset with him, contact Broward Crimestoppers and collect that reward.

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