Low Cost Camps

Finding the right summer camp for your child isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re a busy, working parent on a budget. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows you where to look in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — Vanessa Gonzalez works full-time while raising two daughters. So, when it comes to picking a summer camp, she has to find one that fits their lifestyle.

Vanessa Gonzalez: “It’s extremely hard to find a good location.”

She was looking for safety, convenience and low cost and she found it all at the Goodlet Center in Hialeah.

Vanessa Gonzalez: “They love the staff members, they feel comfortable going to the center.”

This is just one of many camps funded by The Children’s Trust.

Emily Cardenas of The Children’s Trust: “If you really want your child to engage and have fun and learn, they need to like where they are.”

The children’s trust put out a 2014 summer programs guide to help parents find just the right camp at just the right price.

Emily Cardenas of The Children’s Trust: “We want children to be some place when their parents are working, we want them to be safe, but at the same time we want them to be engaged we want them to be learning.”

In fact, all of the camps they fund include reading programs, so kids don’t fall victim to the ‘summer slide.

Emily Cardenas of The Children’s Trust: “We know that children can lose up to two months of math and reading skills during the summer time.”

Vanessa’s youngest daughter, Kailyn, boosted her reading level last year before starting first grade.

Vanessa Gonzalez: “She was doing excellent, her reading skills were up to par, she didn’t lose any time during the summer.”

Nine-year-old Roxy has been coming to this camp for most of her life. She looks forward to hanging out with her friends.

Roxy: “We sit at the same table and sit next to each other so we can talk.”

She recommends the camp to any kids looking to have a blast this summer.

Roxy: “I would say to come because the staff is nice, the field trips are fun and it’s fun there.”

Lynn Martinez: Many of the camps have sliding fee scales and some offer programs for free.

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