Woman meets Miramar Fire Rescue crew that saved her life

MIRAMAR, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman was able to give thanks to Miramar Paramedics and Fire Rescue crew members who saved her life.

On Thursday, Jennifer Gray met her lifesavers after a car crash that nearly took her life, two years ago. “I remember being stuck in my car,” said Gray. “I remember within — it felt like hours — but within minutes, someone was there beside me.”

The crash took place near Ross University in Miramar. “I say it was my angel because I just felt like God sent him there to be with me,” said Gray.

Since the crash, Gray’s wish was to meet the people who saved her life. “You guys have no idea what you’ve done for me,” said Gray to Miramar Fire Rescue personnel. “The last years have been an incredible journey.”

Miramar Fire Department Captain Noel Marti said they are no stranger to tragic calls. “We respond to a lot of calls that are very traumatic,” he said, “and it’s very obvious that this has made a huge impact on the fire department.”

Gray said she understands the trauma Marti and his crew undergoes daily, as her own mother committed suicide in 2013.

In hopes of creating a charity run in Dallas, Texas, Gray hopes to raise thousands of dollars for mental health awareness. “I compare running to life,” she said. “So through life, you keep going, and you don’t quit.”

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