Several displaced after Weston townhouse fire

WESTON, FLA. (WSVN) - - Several residents are now displaced after a Weston townhouse burst into flames.

Fire Rescue crews responded, early Friday morning, to a townhouse fire in Weston, along Blatt Boulevard and Hemingway Drive. Upon their arrival, first responders found flames shooting through the roof.

According to officials, the fire may have been due to construction being done on the roof of the townhome.

Eyewitness video showed the flames ripping into the townhouse, and a woman living in the unit said she woke up only because of her neighbor.

While the fire has since been extinguished, officials said several people are now without a place to live. Displaced resident Rose Smith recounted the experience and said, “My roof, right on top of my apartment. ‘Fire on the roof! Get out, get out!'”

Smith added, “Everybody woke up, and at the same time, the fire just kept spreading.”

Another resident, Elias Fernandez, said his own grandmother woke him up once the fire began. “I was sleeping, and then my grandma, she started knocking on my door and screaming, ‘Fire!’ So then I went outside. The flames were really tall and huge, and there were a bunch of explosions and stuff.”

Fernandez added that sparks landed on bushes and tiles were flying into the air. “It was pretty scary,” he said.

No injuries have been reported.

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