Video of chained dog on top of trailer on I-95 in north Florida sparks outrage

(WSVN) — Authorities in north Florida are investigating after video showed a dog chained on top of a cage in an SUV’s trailer on I-95.

WLTV reports that a woman posted the video on Facebook in hopes of catching the driver, although she could not get the license plate. She spotted the SUV in Flagler County, north of Daytona Beach. The woman said the situation looked dangerous and stressful for the dog, which appears to be a pit bull.

Watch the video below (WARNING: Video contains adult language):

The social media post said the dog appeared to have the letter S carved into its leg. Other animals were also inside the cage, which was hitched to the back of a SUV.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said the dog’s owner did break the law, but only because the dog was tethered once instead of twice. Flagler County’s ordinance regarding the transportation of animals in open vehicles only states that animals must have a minimum of two tethers or restraints.

WLTV reports that they spoke with the owner, who did not want to be identified. The owner said the dog, named Zeus, is a hunting dog that he’s had since he was a puppy. He claims Zeus is not a fighting dog, but was branded with the S that was spotted on the dog’s leg. He further said the dog likes riding on top of the cage and does not like being inside it.

Flagler Animal Services said the owner has cooperated with authorities and agreed to a wellness check on his animals. The owner will receive a ticket for improperly tethering the dog.

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