Proposed ban on workplace vaping sees unanimous support

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (WSVN) - A proposed ban on vaping in the workplace is moving closer to appearing on the 2018 ballot in Florida.

According to Fox 13, a panel of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission unanimously approved the proposal last Tuesday.

Former state Sen. Lisa Carlton, a member of the commission, said people are being adversely affected by public vaping, and a 2002 ban on smoking in the workplace doesn’t account for electronic cigarettes.

“No one should be forced to endure a cloud of harmful vapor in their cubicle as they work to support their families,” Carlton said. “No parent should have to worry about the health of their child because someone is vaping at the adjoining restaurant table, movie-theater seat, grocery store or next to them inside the mall.”

The commission meets every 20 years to evaluate possible changes to the Constitution. The 37-member panel can put issues before voters without having to gather petition signatures or get proposals approved by the Legislature.

The proposal will go through the Style and Drafting Committee which groups various proposals together. After it goes through that committee, it returns to the full commission to be amended, and it will need 60 percent of the vote to be included on the ballot.

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