Port Everglades begins securing port in preparation for Hurricane Isaias

PORT EVERGLADES, FLA. (WSVN) - Transportation in South Florida will be affected by the approach of Hurricane Isaias.

Most of the ships at Port Everglades are gone due to the coronavirus.

Now, in preparation for the storm, all the heavy loading equipment and any vessels that remained at the port have been secured.

Port Director Jonathan Daniels spoke with 7News about how they are planning for Hurricane Isaias.

“It’ll take several hours to make sure the cranes are secured and cinched down into the ground. There’s a system in place to make sure they’re safe and secured during the storm,” he said.

The port has not officially entered the shutdown phase. They are in, what they call, Yankee Operation Mode.

They will receive word on if and when they should enter the shutting down phase about 12 hours before the storm possibly hits the state.

Since the port has a lot of fuel on its grounds and are first to reopen after a storm, they must ensure all precautions are carefully observed.

“You take a look at Port Everglades, we’re a little bit different,” Daniels said. “In fact, the amount of petroleum, the amount of gasoline, jet fuel that we handle, we’re one of the first facilities to open up again, to make sure that if there is any type of recovery, if you need to move people throughout South Florida, that the gas stations are properly fueled up and that they can get the product to the people.”

It’s a similar scene in Port Miami, where crews are making sure that their equipment is safe and secured. They’re watching and waiting in case the storm hits.

“With the equipment we have on-site, there’s a significant process to make sure that they are safe,” Daniels said.

Port Everglades is currently operating one level below shutdown, which would be next if Isaias does indeed come that way.

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