Pompano Beach company’s air cleansing invention in high demand

POMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida business says their invention clears the air people breathe of pathogens, and they say their product is in high demand.

Since more cases of the virus known as COVID-19 have been confirmed around the world and in the U.S., more calls are coming in for Dana Leonaggeo’s discovery.

“We just had a call the other day from the Netherlands wanting 108 of them, and we have this little facility,” Leonaggeo, Scientific Air Management’s founder, said.

“We have seen at least a four-fold increase in our business, and that’s just in the last two months,” Scientific Air Management CMO Randy Nobles said.

The Pompano Beach facility is where a device is created that can disinfect the air in a normal sized room in about 30 minutes. The machine brings air in through top and down into the bottom, known as the “kill chamber.”

Leonaggeo said hospitals keep the invention in some locations, such as in emergency rooms, cancer wards and patient recovery rooms.

“Isolation rooms like you’re seeing with COVID, the latest virus that has come out,” Leonaggeo said. “We just know that a lot of this is airborne. Air goes in there with any kind of pathogen you can imagine, and what comes out the other end is strictly disinfected air.

7News cameras captured a team of assembly technicians working on orders for the Scientific Air Management Model 400.

Although the device’s functions are complex, operating it is simple. All the device needs is to be plugged into a power source and turned on.

“It’s killing 99.9995% of virus, bacteria, mold in the air — virus like coronavirus,” Nobles said.

The company has been disinfecting the air for three years, already improving indoor air quality in about two dozen hospitals across the country.

“We are not happy about the coronavirus at all, but we are certainly happy to help because that’s what we do,” Nobles said.

Leonnageo is working on a scaled up version of their patented system to tackle what he calls “massive amounts of air cleaning,” but for now, the focus is on filling the new orders and helping as many people as possible.

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