Police interrogation video released of teen accused of raping woman

COCONUT CREEK, FLA. (WSVN) - A newly released police interrogation video is revealing new details of a case involving a Coconut Creek teen accused of raping a woman.

The teen was arrested on five counts of sexual battery, but what has called so much attention to the case is that a judge allowed the teen to go back to high school.

Coconut Creek Police brought Gibson Sylvain into the interview room and handcuffed him to the table in a police interrogation video obtained exclusively by 7News.

Detective: “You understand what you’re being charged with, right?”

Sylvain: “Um, yeah. They told me.”

Detective: “What did they say?”

Sylvain: “They said, um … I beat the crap out of some woman.”

Investigators said the now 19-year-old forced the victim to the ground and raped her behind a bus stop.

Police said she tried to use pepper spray to get away.

But it’s what happened after Sylvain’s August arrest that has parents at Monarch High School upset.

A Broward County judge allowed Sylvain to go back to the school pending his trial.

An accused rapist in school sent parents into a frenzy.

“This is our number one concern right now. Guilty or innocent, that is beside the point,” said a concerned parent.

“He could have been home schooled. He could have done FLVS. There were other opportunities than to come to school,” said another parent.

After his arrest, police read Sylvain his rights, as shown in the interrogation video.

Detective: “Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney or lawyer present?”

Sylvain: “I need a lawyer.”

Detective: “You would like a lawyer?”

Sylvain: “Yeah.”

Sylvain wouldn’t talk about the accusations. Detectives then took his DNA.

Detective: “One way or another, you have to give it to me. We can do it the easy way, or we can do it the hard way.”

Police said Sylvain’s DNA was found on the victim’s sweater.

Despite that, Broward Judge William Haury signed an order allowing him to go back to high school.

Some parents and prosecutors hope the judge will reverse his decision at a hearing on Tuesday.

“If we don’t stick up for our children, who will?” said a parent.

“We are here to protect our children,” said another parent. “Like I said before, my daughter should not be afraid to ask for a pass to go to the bathroom.”

When police interviewed Sylvain, the suspect told police he was working as a camp counselor with children. At the upcoming hearing, prosecutors said they will ask the judge to lock him back up, claiming he poses a threat to the community.

Sylvain has pleaded not guilty.

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