Pet wallaby goes missing from Southwest Ranches home

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, FLA. (WSVN) - A heartbroken family is asking for the public’s help, one week after their exotic pet, a 1-year-old wallaby, went missing from their Southwest Ranches home.

The Quartermaine family is devastated, especially the girls who helped take care of Joey. The marsupial disappeared last Thursday, March 9, from his home near Southwest 190th Avenue and 59th Street.

Joey is a wallaby — think of a kangaroo, only smaller — and he belongs to 10-year-old Leah Quartermaine.

Leah has been taking care of Joey, who easily stole the hearts of every single family member, even Dad’s. “He’s just a lover, loves to be cuddled and held and pouched,” said Lance Quartermaine.

Still, the family is hopeful that the marsupial will be found because he is so rare. “If he’s alone in the wild area, he could survive off grass,” said Leah.

When asked if she loves Joey, Leah said, “Yeah.”

Joey was last seen in a large dog house located in the Quartermaines’ front yard. The family said he had started to graze outside and was being weaned off his bottle, which he still needs.

Lance showed 7News Joey’s pouch. “You hold it up like this, he dives right in head first and does a flip right into the pouch. That’s his safe zone,” he said.

But Joey is no longer in his safe zone, and while his family continues to look everywhere for their beloved pet, they remain without answers.

Lance, however, believes Joey may have been taken. “I’m thinking that somebody had actually grabbed him,” he said.

Joey had just turned 1 year old. He stands about 2 feet tall and weighs between 10 and 15 pounds.

“We just want him back,” said Lance. “The kids really miss him. We all do. We just want our little Joey back.”

The Quartermaines are offering a $500 reward to anyone who brings him home. You may reach the Quartermaines at 954-605-5599.

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