Officials: Woman posed as doctor at Surfside spa, treated ‘many’ patients

SURFSIDE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida woman ended up in handcuffs after, health officials said, she treated patients at a spa in Surfside without a license.

According to Surfside Police, they received a tip from the Florida Department of Health alerting them that 59-year-old Alicia Giser was treating patients at the Lemel Medical Spa, located at 9471 Harding Ave. Health officials had reason to believe she was not a doctor.

Rochel Waldman said she was Giser’s patient. “They offered facials, they offered Botox, they offered all kids of beauty things that women enjoy doing,” she said.

Among the services offered at the Lemel Medical Spa are injectables, fillers and laser hair removal.

Waldman said she didn’t notice anything about Giser to make her suspect she was not a doctor. “I didn’t feel there was anything unprofessional about the way that she treated me,” she said. “I don’t feel any bad side effects, after effects.”

But police said Giser wasn’t being honest with patients. “According to Alicia Giser, she is a dentist in Argentina, but she is not licensed in the State of Florida to perform any medical procedures,” said Surfside Police Detective Marian Cruz.

Police gave 7News a photo of Giser from the spa’s Facebook page.

“Alicia Giser wears a lab coat. On her lab coat, it says ‘Dr. Alicia Giser,'” said Cruz. “When you make an appointment with her, the receptionist refers to her as ‘Dr. Alicia Giser’ as well.”

Police set up an undercover sting operation on Wednesday after receiving a complaint from the Health Department. “Our undercover officers went in as patients,” said Cruz. “They requested certain procedures to be done to them. Alicia Giser agreed to perform certain injections, like Botox.”

Giser was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

Waldman said she has mixed feelings about Giser’s arrest. “Surprised. I feel sorry for her, worried about her,” she said. “I actually like her as a person.”

The now former patient of Giser said she learned an important lesson. “Maybe I should ask more questions before getting something done,” she said.

Lemel Medical Spa did not reply to 7News’ calls for comments.

Surfside Police are concerned about other patients Giser may have treated. In a statement, a police spokesperson said, “Prior to her arrest, she has administered Botox and Juvederm injections to many patients.”

Detectives urged any patients to contact the department at 305-861-4862.

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