Official offers firework safety tips for New Year celebrations

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (WSVN) - The new year is just days away, and while many will celebrate the end of 2016 with fireworks, officials are urging residents to do so safely.

With a list of notable events, the year 2016 may be one for the history books. However, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam H. Putnam, doesn’t want you to add a firework mishap to the list.

Putnam wants residents to remain cautious when using fireworks.

In addition to checking local laws, and adhering to the guidance provided by local fire departments, here are a few tips to stay safe when it comes to using fireworks:

· Light fireworks on a cleared area free of any vegetation or debris
· Remove any debris from roofs or decks where fireworks could land
· Always have a water source available in case of a fire
· Aim fireworks away from people, homes and wooded areas
· Do not allow young children to light or handle fireworks
· Never use homemade fireworks
· Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water
· Store unused fireworks and lighters out of the reach of children
· Clean up all debris from fireworks
· Report any fires immediately to 911

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