Miami toddler recovering from dog bite as mother shares ordeal

MIAMI (WSVN) - Life is slowly returning to normal for a South Florida girl, days after, her parents said, a neighbor’s dog bit her in the face.

7News cameras captured 15-month-old Jaila Lamote, her face bandaged below her swollen left eye, as she played outside her home in the area of Northwest 21st Avenue and 26th Street, in Miami, Monday.

Her mother, Claudia Lamote, said her daughter is nearly back to her normal self. “I’m thankful that she’s OK. She’s playful,” she said.

But even through the toddler is up and about, she faces a long road to recovery. Doctors put more than a dozen stitches on her face.

“Nineteen in total,” said Claudia, “between here and the upper lip. It’s 19.”

Jaila’s loved ones hope she won’t be left with any noticeable scars. “Right now, I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday, the one that did the stitches on her face,” said Claudia. “He’ll be able to tell me then what’s going to happen with her and the future.”

Miami Police said a female terrier mix bit the child in the face, Saturday morning.

The toddler’s mother said the attack took place inside a neighboring unit, as her niece was feeding the child. “The dog was nowhere near her. The dog just came. I think she smelled the food, just came and went after her,” said Claudia.

A home surveillance camera located across the street from the home captured what happened next. Several occupants poured out of the unit visibly distraught.

I grabbed her. I pulled her towards my chest,” said Claudia. “I was running, waiting for the ambulance to come. That’s the only thing I remember, but I don’t want to remember the other part.”

A fight briefly broke out between two men in front of the home. Minutes later, a City of Miami Fire Rescue ambulance is seen arriving at the scene.

Claudia is eventually seen coming out and holding her child as she takes off with the paramedics.

Jaila was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she was treated and released, Sunday.

The victim’s parents said the dog was put down. The owner had the dog euthanized by Animal Services. “They can be dangerous. They can be a killer,” said her father, Joel Lamote.

“She used to play with a little dog, but now I don’t think she’ll be able to be close to a dog or even see a dog,” said Claudia.

The toddler’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses. If you would like to make a donation, click here.

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