MIAMI SHORES, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami Shores Police arrested a man hiding behind piles of debris thanks to infrared technology.

Police got a call from a resident about a man sneaking around near Northeast 12th Avenue, on Sept. 26.

When officials responded to the scene, the power was out due to Hurricane Irma, and it was nighttime. The subject, identified as Clayton Chapman, tried to use that to his advantage to hide behind piles of debris.

But since Miami Shores Police invested about $40,000 in infrared technology, including thermal cameras, they found him with his body heat.

“At some point, one of our K9 officers who has a thermal imaging on his car sees a heat signature, and it’s pretty good,” said Miami Shores Police Lt. David Golt. “You can see that it’s a human being basically hiding behind the foliage of a tree.”

Video was released from the police cruiser’s camera, Monday.

“I came outside and there was this guy looking into cars, and so it kind of startled me,” said Antonio Serrano who called police. “I kind of said something to him, and he took off running on his bike, so I quickly ran inside, got my phone and called the police department. Within five minutes they were here. I gave them a description, and within 30 minutes they came back and said they caught the guy.”

According to Miami Shores Police, they are one of the few local agencies who use this kind of technology.

“I’m glad they’re on top of it, and they’re diligent,” Serrano said, “and they’re using their budgets to get new technology.”

Chapman was charged with loitering and prowling.

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