Miami Police officer rescues child from life-threatening asthma attack

MIAMI (WSVN) - A Miami Police officer was called a guardian angel after he helped save a child in need of medical assistance during Hurricane Irma.

Danielle Stark was thrown into panic mode when her 12-year-old son, Kenjuan, began to suffer from a severe asthma attack.

“His last words was, ‘Mommy, I’m gonna die. I love you so much. I’m gonna die,'” said Stark, choking back tears.

His family rushed into action.

“I told my baby, ‘No, no, no, no. My promise to you is to get you to a hospital,'” said Stark.

The frantic mother and her fiancé tried to get the child help, but said 911 was taking too long.

“Due to the hurricane, our resources are very scarce and not readily available, unfortunately,” said Miami Police Officer Daniel Mogro. “I made the decision to assist these individuals to the nearest hospital.”

Mogro was on his way to another assignment, but his mission changed after he saw the distressed family.

“They’re just on bumper-to-bumper traffic south on U.S. 441 in Miami Gardens,” said Mogro. “All of a sudden, I start seeing a two-door silver in color vehicle behind me honking, trying to, I would assume, get my attention.”

Stark felt like Mogro could help her. “I got on the side of him, rolled down the window and screamed, screamed, ‘He’s not breathing! He’s not breathing!,'” she said.

Mogro immediately took action. “Turn on the sirens. ‘Let’s go!’ Blowing horns. ‘Everybody get out the way! Get out the way!'” said Stark. “It was amazing.”

“Because of our training, we go ahead and it’s muscle memory,” he said. “Within a matter of seconds, we assess the situation, and we’re able to provide the services needed for the individual.”

Mogro escorted the family to the hospital just in time.

“They shut down the whole pediatrics section just to resuscitate and bring him back,” Stark said.

Kenjuan is now on the road to recovery, and his family said they have Mogro to thank. “He is a guardian angel. He is more than a hero. He is a blessing,” said Stark.

The officer returned to duty, but didn’t forget about Kenjuan and returned to the hospital for a visit.

Mogro hopes for another reunion, complete with a hug, once Kenjuan recovers.

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