NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman is speaking out after gunmen attacked her after she found a wrecked car loaded with guns and ammo in the front yard of her Northwest Miami-Dade home.

The incident happened in the area of Northwest 95th Street, at around 10 p.m., Saturday.

“I just don’t feel safe in my own home anymore,” she said.

Cellphone video showed weapons strewn all over the damaged car, which crashed through the gate of her front yard.

“There were AK-47s, there were handguns all over my yard. It was really bad,” the homeowner said.

She said she heard what sounded like a car crash outside her house, and she went outside to check out what happened, and that’s when she found the guns.

“I hear a bang, I go outside, and when I go outside, there was smoke coming out of the car. I went in the car, because I’m a medical professional, to see if I could assist,” the woman said.

One of the gunmen, she said, hit her on the head and ran.

“I called, my neighbors called three times, and 911 didn’t answer. They didn’t pick up. It just rang,” she said.

The mother, who asked 7News to shield her identity, kept calling 911, she said, until an operator finally picked up.

“The gunmen came back to my house, they had an opportunity to come back to try and retrieve their firearms, and I had to jump in the middle of the road to scream for help,” she said.

Eventually, she said, Miami-Dade Police showed up some 40 minutes later.

“They were firing gunshots right there. If I was killed or if my daughter was killed, we’d be just another name or picture on a T-shirt,” she said.

Two days later, detectives came back to the scene to look for any evidence they missed.

Meanwhile, the family’s front yard is torn up, a chain-link fence is broken, the family’s cars are damaged, and a mother is sick and tired of her community being turned into a war zone.

“I want people to forget about this whole snitch policy, and if we don’t speak up against this type of violence, nothing is going to ever change,” she said.

The cause of the car crash and subsequent attack are under investigation.

Miami-Dade Police have yet to comment on the incident.

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