MIAMI (WSVN) - Surveillance video captured a thief who gave new meaning to the term ‘bottoms up’ as he stole liquor bottles from a high-end liquor store in Miami. The suspect was seen slipping expensive bottles of liquor into his pants.

The incident happened at Vintage Liquors, at 300 SW 18th Terrace, Monday.

Rosi Barrios walked through her family business explaining the theft that occurred at her store to 7News.

“He was a man with a plan, he came in, went straight into the whiskey, aisle,” said Barrios.

When the suspect walked into the store, he started to talk on his cell phone to avoid any communication with the employees.

“Speaking kind of loud like he was in a deep conversation,” said Barrios.

He knew he wanted the expensive whiskey and he knew exactly which bottle he needed to steal.

“Knowing what he wanted,” said Barrios. “Grabbed the Macallan 15.”

But the subject had no intention to pay for it as he grabbed a boxed bottle of Macallan 15, priced at just under $200, and then walked it over to another shelf.

Moments later, he did the same thing; un-boxed the booze and stuffed two bottles into his pants.

“No shame, leaves the empty boxes here as if he was gift wrapping, stuffed it in his pants and walked out,” said Barrios.

Barrios said that employees noticed the empty Macallan boxes. They checked their surveillance video and realized they had been ripped off by a sticky-fingered liquor lifter.

“This is a high-end store so he knew exactly what he wanted,” Barrios said. “He wanted a high-end item.”

The suspect did not steal any wine from the store, which has a wine room filled with bottles prices as high as $90,000.

Despite the business’ cameras and several security features, the suspect got away with with a few hundred dollars in product.

On Tuesday, Miami Police traced his steps and checked the video of his criminal visit, and now, hope the public can help the Vintage Liquors by finding the suspect.

“We work really hard to build what we have for someone just to come in so easily and take what we have, and hopefully, we catch him soon,” said Barrios.

If you have any information on this crime, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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