NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Northwest Miami-Dade woman is demanding action after, she said, a neighbor’s dogs killed two of her cats in two separate incidents.

Speaking with 7News on Saturday, Jessica Hayes said she is still reeling from the vicious attacks.

The heartbroken pet owner said her felines were killed in a 3-month span by the same two dogs on her neighborhood.

Graphic surveillance video captured one of the incidents.

Hayes said the dogs escaped from a neighbor’s home, locked eyes on her 3-year-old rescue cat and chased it under a car.

The video shows the smaller of the dogs pulling the cat out. Moments later, the dogs mauled Hayes’ cat.

“My dad woke me up, he was screaming that two dogs had attacked my cat,” said Hayes. “I ran outside, and I found my cat already mauled, so I ran around the neighborhood to try and find the dogs, and it led a blood trail back to the home,” she said.

The first attack took place on July 9. Hayes said she told Miami-Dade Animal Services, but says not much was done.

Three months later, Hayes said, the same thing happened again to her 10-year-old rescue, Crook Shanks, by the same two dogs.

Video of the incident showed the dogs in this video chasing Crook Shanks around the yard, then finally underneath a car, again.

“It’s awful. Those are your animals. They depend on you, and you let them down,” Hayes said as she held back tears. “They both had an unfair chance, because the smaller dog ran under the car, dragged them out, and then the big dog got to get a hold of them, so that was tough to watch, just seeing two dogs double team on your animal, and they’re their still trying to fight in their last moments. It’s so bad, so awful.”

Hayes said she wants the animals and the owner to be held accountable.

“I mean, I would never want to harm any animal. I was a vegan for a couple of years,” she said. “It makes me feel awful thinking about having to put an animal down, but if the dogs already experienced attacking, having a thrill and killing a small animal, where’s it going to escalate from there? Now it’s not just cats; it could be small dogs, children.”

At this point, Hayes said, she hasn’t heard much from Animal Control after she filed a report and doesn’t know if they’ve talked to the dogs’ owner. She said she just want the vicious dogs off her street.

A spokesperson for Miami-Dade Animal Services did not immediately respond to 7News’ request for comment.

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