MIAMI (WSVN) - A family is sharing their pain, days after a fiery wreck claimed their loved one’s life. This comes after police arrested the driver, who they said, is responsible.

The victim’s family gathered with balloons and flowers over the weekend at the spot where 22-year-old Shereka Oriscar took her last breath. A few days later, in addition to grief, they are feeling anger, as they learn more about what happened early Friday morning. 

“My sister, she was a good person,” said Roselande Auguste, the victim’s sister. “She love school, she love work. I’m really mad. She don’t deserve that. She’s too good. She love her family.”

According to police, Shamonni Alexandre, the person who caused the fatal crash, was running from police and driving with a suspended license when she ran a red light in Miami. 

Alexandre’s parents appeared in court Tuesday morning, but the 21-year-old did not. 

“She’s still at Ryder Trauma Center. She had sustained some serious injuries,” said Alexandre’s attorney.

“At least she’s alive, unlike the person she killed, allegedly,” responded Judge Mindy S. Glazer.

Alexandre’s attorney asked the judge to set a standard bond that was much lower than what prosecutors asked for.

“She’s a life-long resident here. She’s got no prior record,” said the attorney.

“She killed someone,” said a prosecutor.

The bond was set at $25,000. She’s charged with driving with a suspended license causing death and vehicular homicide.

“We’re going to look into what happened here, not only the circumstances of the accident, but also the circumstances surrounding her being out on the streets and driving,” said Stephan Cain, Oriscar’s family attorney.

Attorneys for the victim’s family vowed to take a closer look at what led to the crash that took the life of a young woman who worked hard to help her family. They also said she was just weeks away from becoming a nurse.

“Once they heard yesterday that this woman had seven outstanding tickets for doing exactly this, you know, that was just a gut punch to this family, and we want to try and find out why, that why was this young lady out on the streets driving around,” said Cain.

When asked what her sister will miss most about Oriscar, she couldn’t limit it to one thing.

“Everything. She was really a good person. Everything,” said Auguste.

The suspect is still recovering at the hospital with serious injuries.

When the suspect posts bond, that will mean her parents and family will be able to visit her in the hospital. However, when she gets out, she is not allowed to drive.

A GoFundMe page has been created for Oriscar’s family to help cover funeral expenses. Click here if you would like to help.

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