Miami-Dade tops list of worst red-light runners in Florida for 2016

MIAMI (WSVN) - All drivers know that a red light means “stop.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean everyone hits their brakes. And when some drivers speed through red lights, the results can have devastating consequences.

Red-light camera company American Traffic Solutions released a video this week, compiling the worst red-light accidents in the Sunshine State this year. (Note: the company was part of a class-action lawsuit involving illegal citations in South Florida)

The video shows 14 incidents filmed throughout the state. Nine of the 14 were in Miami-Dade county, while the other 5 occurred in central Florida. Several show instances where pedestrians narrowly avoid being hit by cars speeding through intersections.

Miami-Dade has the most red-light cameras in the state, which may account for its majority presence in the videos.

Watch the video below.

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