Miami Beach lifeguard saves tourists from knife attack

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Miami Beach lifeguard helped save a group of tourists from a man wielding a knife.

Carlos Escudero rushed to the group of tourists from Maryland near the 12th Street lifeguard station when they were threatened by a man with a knife, Thursday.

“I see the guy pulling the knife out. I confront the guy,” said Escudero. “I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?'”

Kenneth Cartwright, who police said had the blade, swung it toward the victims, stating, “I’m going to stab the [expletive] out of you guys.”

Escudero said he talked Cartwright into briefly calming down in order to stall him until help came.

The lifeguard had already radioed for police as he rushed to the trouble spot, armed with only his buoy.

“I just go like that. That’s the little distance I can have,” said Escudero.

No contact was made and no injuries were reported.

Escudero said he then steered Cartwright off the beach, where he was met by police.

Cartwright didn’t have the weapon by that point, as police said he ditched it.

However, Escudero was able to find it.

It turns out that Cartwright has a long rap sheet.

Just hours before Thursday’s beach arrest, Cartwright had a felony case closed from an April arrest for selling counterfeit drugs.

Back at the lifeguard stand, Escudero hopes his week will be less hectic.

The good Samaritan saved two people in rip currents with another lifeguard, Monday, and was praised for it on Instagram.

“It was a pretty intense rescue,” said Escudero.

But if another emergency surfaces by sand or sea, the lifeguard said he’s ready.

“It’s a beautiful view, but there’s always something going on,” said Escudero. “Even the day that you least expect something to happen, you get things like today.”

Cartwright was charged with aggravated assault and booked into jail.

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