Madden 19 tournament shooting survivor describes scene after gunfire rang out

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A survivor of the gaming tournament shooting in Jacksonville spoke to 7News alongside his attorney about the deadly scene.

Pembroke Pines gamer Darren Crews described what took place during Sunday’s deadly mass shooting at the Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville.

Crews said he was directly behind one of the fatal victims when the shooting happened. Crews was also shot in the arm.

“I just felt my arm. As soon as I saw a guy with a gun, I felt my arm get hit, but I didn’t think I got shot,” Crews said.

He told 7News that the scene was extremely chaotic and didn’t realize that gunshots were going off. He said he initially thought the gunshots were firecrackers.

“I ended up getting hit, and that’s when I tried to scatter,” said Crews.

Suddenly, he said, everyone began to run and trample over one another. He said he saw other gamers, friends and people on the ground.

“I just tried to run for cover and try to survive and not be shot,” Crews said. “I didn’t realize I was shot until later.”

Days after the shooting, Crews still had his arm in a sling.

Crews is a professional gamer and makes a living playing video games.

He was competing in the Madden 19 tournament at Jacksonville Landing. Crews said he made it through the first round and was watching fellow gamers Taylor Robertson and Eli Clayton play. Crews said he was trying to get tips on how to beat them when he plays them.

All of a sudden, Crews said, he heard loud noises before things turned chaotic.

Robertson and Clayton were both shot and killed in the shooting. Ten others were injured. The shooter, David Katz, then turned the gun on himself.

“I don’t understand why it came to this,” Crews said.

Crews has retained attorneys. His attorney told 7News that for an event like this, there should have been more security. They’re now investigating if there could have been negligence involved.

“To the best of our investigation thus far, there was little to no security whatsoever, and somebody’s got to be held accountable,” said Steven Swickle, Crews’ attorney.

They also said they weren’t sure if they’re going to file suit.

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