Lee County schools looking to new technology to prevent students from vaping

(WSVN) - Vaping has become a bigger issue with students and one Florida school district is looking to crack down on the practice.

Lee County schools are looking to new technology in hopes of finding and stopping students who vape during class hours.

The device is something similar to a smoke alarm. If someone vapes around it, it can detect the vapors.

Once detected, the device sends out alerts to officials.

“We’re reviewing these kind of monitoring devices to see if they have any feasibility in our schools,” said Rob Spicker, Assistant Director of Media Relations and Public Information for Lee County schools. “But at the moment we’re just having to implement any of them.”

“When a kid goes to vape in a bathroom using juul or any other ecigarette, that vape gets into the air. Our devices are sensored to look for that vaping signature,” said one expert.

These detectors would be placed on areas of the schools that students are often caught.

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