Homeless mother and child given food and shelter by 7News viewers

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida family is thankful to have a place to stay and more after falling on hard times.

The heartfelt help, began with the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Since the story first aired on 7News, countless others have offered to pitch in.

The family of Davana Desselle is no longer living in a van and are now living in a hotel.

Numerous people reached out to 7News via email, and Desselle saw some of them.

Desselle read an email saying, “I’ve seen your story on Davana and her son, Devon, today. It made me cry because I was once homeless and it hit close to home. I would love to help her with some cash, food and toys and possibly a new friend for my son. We’re not rich in wealth, but I’m rich in faith.”

“God is amazing. People are amazing,” she said.

Wednesday, 7News met Davana and her son behind a Pembroke Park business where they were living in a black van.

Desselle said, “I had a few dollars that I just bounced from hotel to hotel.”

Then the virus hit, and an acquaintance let them stay in the van.

Describing the van, Desselle said, ”I moved everything from back here to up here.”

When asked where he spends the day, Devon shrugged and replied, “Here.”

In this same parking lot, he slept in the front seat of the van.

Desselle said, “It’s really hard. It’s really hard.”

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies working overnight bought the family food and drinks and then went a step further.

Major Anthony Demarco of BSO Homeless Outreach said, “We were able to get them some temporary housing and put them in touch with some of our community partners who are now looking for long term solutions to the issues that she was facing.”

Desselle said, “The blessings just started from there.”

They managed to stay in a Hollywood hotel for several days.

Desselle said, “We were able to have some monetary blessings. We had people praying, we had shoes.”

Devon said, “A basketball, crayon set, bread, Clorox wipes, we’re indoors, and we have a place to sleep that’s comfy.”

Demarco said, “This is going to be a wonderful outcome. A lot of people have reached out to the sheriff’s office, there’s some help coming that person’s way.”

Desselle said, “I mean this is so much. Oh, my goodness.”

The family is working with Project Hope, who are working to find them more permanent housing.

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