HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A Hollywood woman was surprised to find an iguana in her toilet bowl.

Melissa Reynolds said she was cleaning when she went to the bathroom and opened the toilet bowl lid to find a scaly surprise.

“I went to the bathroom and opened the lid, and I screamed, ‘Holy crap there’s an iguana in the toilet,'” said Reynolds.

She then slammed the lid shut and made a call to the best iguana catcher she knows: her father.

“I was in the shower, and my wife knocks on the door and says, ‘Melissa called and there’s a big iguana in her toilet,’ and I said, ‘OK, so I guess my day’s not over yet,'” said Reynold’s father, Harry Heghinian.

“He’s kind of like the professional iguana catcher. He’s caught a lot of iguanas,” said Reynolds.

Shortly after he arrived to her home, in the area of 54th Avenue and Hayes Street, to get to work.

Reynolds recorded the safe capturing of the reptile where her father could be seen carefully putting the iguana in to a box before letting him loose outside of the home.

“My biggest concern was going back to the hole there, and that was going to be much harder for me to catch later on because he would end up somewhere else in the house,” said Heghinian.

Reynolds posted the encounter on Facebook with the caption, “Only in Florida. Make sure you guys check your toilets before you poop!”

“There’s a first time for everything,” said Reynolds.

She’s not the only one who had a scaly encounter recently, as a homeowner in Coral Springs found a snake in his home on May 26.

Trappers said iguanas have a tendency of climbing up trees and down vent pipes that end up leading them to plumbing and sometimes the nearest commode.

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