Hollywood street names referencing Confederate generals, KKK member to be changed

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Commissioners in Hollywood voted in favor of changing street names that reference Confederate generals and a Ku Klux Klan member, making some residents very happy.

Forrest Street is just one of three roadways that will soon have a new name in South Florida.

Hollywood city commissioners voted five to one in favor of the change Wednesday, but the questions on everyone’s mind are, when will the change happen, and what will the new street names be?

Forrest, Lee and Hood streets were all named after Confederate soldiers from the Civil War, and for several years, there have been groups who tried to get those street names removed.

A small protest took place before the vote, Wednesday. The protest was mainly peaceful, but one person was arrested.

Before the vote, Commissioner Peter Hernandez excused himself. He said that those who live on the street should have had a say in the matter.

“So I just had enough of the process and I walked out,” said Hernandez.

Hazel Levine, who has lived on Forrest Street for 50 years, said it’s about time something was done. “I’m really pleased with changing our street name,” she said. “That’ll be a happy day for me, sure. I hope [I live] 50 years on the next street, but don’t know, only God knows.”

The next issue is how much it will cost for the changes on licenses and other documents with residents’ addresses on it.

It’s about $25 to change your driver’s license, but it sounds like the state may be willing to waive that charge. “You would need to update your driver’s license with the state, and that fee is $25,” said Hollywood spokesperson Raelin Storey. “We have heard from one of our state representatives that the state is willing to waive that fee.”

“I know it’s gonna be mostly time, but if it’s $1, it’s $1 that should be shared between all, not just between me,” said Dennis Mullins, who opposes the name change.

Originally, it was proposed that Forrest Street be changed to Savannah Street. However, the name proposals will be revisited next week.

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