TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (WSVN) - It’s the first day of the legislative session in the state capitol, and there’s already plenty of controversy brewing.

Gov. Ron DeSantis entered the House chamber Tuesday enjoying a super majority in both Houses and eyes of the political world focused on his potential as a presidential candidate.

“We’ve lead the nation on many big issues,” he said in his during his State of the State address.

Republicans and Democrats are battling over a new abortion bill.

That’s just one of several measures up for debate in this jam-packed session.

“We’ll fight. They have never seen a war like they are about to see,” said Lauren Book, D.-Plantation. “Because did I — the first time I was sexually assaulted and was brought to a gang rape — go to the police? No!”

Florida Democrats are reacting to a bill introduced by Republicans banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

“We are proud to be pro-family, and we are proud to be pro-life in the State of Florida,” said DeSantis during his address.

Currently, abortion in the state is banned after 15 weeks.

The new measure — Senate Bill 300 — would provide exceptions for rape or incest up until 15 weeks, and the patient would have to provide a police report or court documents.

“Let me be clear as a survivor of sexual assault what that exemption really is: crap,” said Book. “It’s crap!”

“This six-week abortion ban, let me tell you, I think they have bitten off more than they can chew,” said Fentrice Driskell, D.-Tampa. “I do not think that Floridians are gonna be happy about this. It does not poll well. Frankly I’m surprised to see the governor go with such a dramatic and drastic measure.”

The White House also condemned the bill.

“Republican state legislators in Florida proposed today a bill that would ban abortion before many women would even know that they are pregnant, virtually eliminating a woman’s right to make healthcare decisions about her own body,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

They, along with Planned Parenthood, said the measure will affect people in and out of Florida.

Laura Goodhue, Vice President of Public Policy and Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of South, East And North Florida said, “We’ve seen devastating effects of abortion ban across this country, especially in the south. Planned Parenthood health centers have seen an onslaught of patients coming from as far away as Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, where they have just lost complete access to care.”

The bill is part of a legislative session poised to focus on issues like parental rights in education and transgender rights.

The legislature has already filed a bill that would ban discussion of sexual identity and gender up to grade 8, an extension of the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Two other bills would eliminate transition-related care, like hormone therapy or puberty blockers, for people under 18 and allow the state to take custody of children who are “at risk” of seeking gender-affirming care.

“The topic of things like gender ideology, I think is inappropriate,” said DeSantis. “I mean, you’re having these kids, and they’re basically being told well, yeah, you may not be a boy, you may be a girl. Parents don’t want that. I don’t think they want any of this stuff.”

“They want to talk about ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ ‘Don’t Say They.’ They want to talk about which bathroom we should be using,” said Book. “Floridians deserve better, and we’re here for the next 60 days to fight for each and every one of those Floridians.”

And the governor has this to say on a bill to allow gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without a permit…

“A Constitutional right should not require a permission slip from the government,” said DeSantis in his speech.

“I’ll say this,” said Tony Montalto, the father of Parkland victim Gina Montalto, “that in Florida, following the Parkland tragedy, we changed some firearms laws, among many other laws regarding school safety and mental health, many of which we supported as Stand with Parkland, and I’ll say that those got it right.”

The governor wrapped up his joint session appearance with this…

“You ain’t seen nothing yet! Thank you all,” he said to cheers.

The new abortion bill would also prohibit sending any sort of abortion medication through the mail from out of state. So far, the bill has not been assigned to any committees, which would be the next step.

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