CLERMONT, Fla. (WSVN) — Using soy products instead of animal products is all the rage these days, but not for one Florida woman, who discovered the wires in her Toyota RAV4 were made of soy and were attracting rodents — lots of them.

According to FOX 30, a Florida woman is filing a lawsuit against Toyota because she claims that soy-based insulation inside the wires of her car attracted rats, squirrels and other rodents to munch on them, causing major damage to her RAV4.

The woman, Janice Toler, filed a class-action lawsuit against Toyota in federal court, Monday.

Toler said the rodents caused $5,500 in damage to her 2015 RAV4, which the dealership refused to fix under her warranty. She explained the rodents ate through the wires and left behind urine and feces.

Toyota changed from petroleum-based wire insulation to soy-based insulation “in the name of profit and cost-cutting,” according to the lawsuit. In the lawsuit, Toler said she considers the soy-based insulation a defect, which should be covered under the warranty.

As of Tuesday morning, Toyota had not responded to the lawsuit.

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