Florida company turns humidity into drinkable water

(WSVN) - A Florida company has provided a solution for those without drinkable water: turning humidity into water.

According to Fox 13, Drinkable Air has developed a water cooler-sized machine that sucks in air, filters it and stores water. “The humidity is greatest after a hurricane, when machines are most efficient and making the purest water,” Drinkable Air’s vice president Jeff Szur said to Fox 13. “What starts the process is drawing the air into the machine, and we have an antibacterial filter.”

The machine can reportedly take two days’ worth of drinkable water for 20 employees.

“Anytime it goes from gas to liquid, it’s pure,” said Szur. “Think, how do we distill water? We boil and capture the steam, and then it’s pure. We do that without boiling. We do it with condensation.”

However, the machine, which can last 12 years, isn’t cheap at $3,400.

“If these machines were already there, you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping water in,” Szur said to Fox 13. “When disaster hits, just turn them on.”

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