Fire rescue crews demonstrate Christmas tree safety

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - Many have bought or are going to buy their Christmas trees, and fire rescue officials are offering safety tips for homeowners.

Authorities held a demonstration in Davie, Thursday, to show how improper care around Christmas trees can result in flames. Crews are reminding homeowners that, if their trees are dry, they will be more prone to catching fire.

A dry Christmas tree can go up in flames in less than 10 seconds.

Those with Christmas trees at home should water them daily, authorities said, and dispose of them after the holiday season is over. “Christmas tree fires are not that common, but when they do happen, they’re extremely dangerous,” said Miranda Fire Rescue Lt. Jose Gregorish. “They can go out of control very, very quickly.”

This is an important reminder with the hectic holiday season. “We realize that people’s minds are not necessarily on safety,” Gregorish said, “so we felt like our job was to come out here and remind folks of how quickly fire can get out of control.”

Fire rescue crews also recommend making sure smoke detectors are working properly.

They also want to remind residents to not overload electrical sockets.

“Property is replaceable,” said Davie Fire Rescue Asst. Chief Jorge Gonzelez, “but human life is irreplaceable. Those are the things that we want to avoid this holiday season.”

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