Community pays tribute to boy who died in electrocution accident in Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) - The Caleb and Calder Sloan Awesome Foundation invited members of the Miami community to participate in “Give Back Day” at Centro Mater East, honoring the memory of Calder “Mr. Awesome” Sloan on what would have been his 10th birthday.

Thursday’s inaugural event was a painting drive benefiting Centro Mater Child Care Services.

From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., staff from Miami-based company 2C Media, family and friends spent the day creating three on-site murals, each focusing on a different “Mr. Awesome” theme: adventure, laughter and kindness.

Photo: Wlliams Naranjo, 2C Media
Photo: Wlliams Naranjo, 2C Media

On April 13, 2014, Chris and Carla Sloan lost their 7-year-old son Calder, known as “Mr. Awesome,” in a tragic accident caused by the electrification of a metal light in the family’s swimming pool.

Calder’s impact was felt almost immediately after his hand-drawn self-portrait went viral, with major celebrities, professional athletes and other luminaries snapping selfies with the artwork.

In honor of their son, the Sloans launched Caleb and Calder Sloan Awesome Foundation, a foundation focusing on child advocacy, children’s social causes and water safety under the mantra of “Laughter. Adventure. Kindness.”

Centro Mater Child Care Services serves families in previously undeserved neighborhoods where immigrants suffering from socio-economic disadvantages have historically concentrated.

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