BSO officials reevaluate deputy training after Dallas shooting

NEAR FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) — Broward Sheriff’s Office officials are listening to South Florida pastors who are speaking out on behalf of the community and are asking for change after a shooting in Dallas ambushed police officers.

According to BSO deputies, officials will reevaluate how their deputies will be trained moving forward from the tragedy.

Protesters across South Florida demonstrated against police brutality throughout the weekend. On Monday, pastors and community leaders worked with Broward Sheriff Scott Israel to make the appropriate changes and prevent another tragedy.

“All lives matter,” said Pastor Dennis Grant. “Can the police and the community work together? It’s not about protests or demonstrations. It’s time to reconcile.”

Pastors asked law enforcement to be more involved in the community that they serve. “We need alternatives to deadly force,” Grant said. “Not every traffic stop, somebody has to die.”

“We’re asking for peace. We’re asking for dialogue ’cause a lot of anger is in the community,” said one community leader.

Many were angered after two men were killed by police officers in two separate incidents before five police officers were killed in retaliation by a lone gunman. “I ask every deputy that I work with, ‘When you get out of the car with your tool belt, you have the tools of the trade, but you have to get out with dignity and respect,” said Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

According to Israel, the department will work with an outside source for more effective training. “We’re going to bring in an outside source, either somebody from the Department of Justice or an outside consulting firm,” he said. “The ultimate goal: make sure we’re deescalating situations.”

“If we work together, if we communicate, if we educate the young people in our community, and let them know there is another way of taking care of business,” said Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Dr. Edwina Coleman.

The pastors involved are expected to hold a prayer vigil at Reverend Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park on Tuesday, 6 p.m. A motorcade will be available at Elijah Bell Funeral Home in Lauderdale Lakes.

The vigil is available for anyone to attend.

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