Road rage victim speaks out on shooting in Pembroke Pines

PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) - The victim of a road rage shooting in Pembroke Pines is beginning his long road to recovery and speaking out.

Angel Diaz was shot from behind in a road rage incident in Pembroke Pines, and police said Anthony Jean was the shooter.

“Him and I almost got into an accident at one light. At the second light, he’s acting like a jerk behind me, acting erratic, so I stepped out of my vehicle with my hand stretched wide open like, ‘Yo, what is your problem?'” he said.

Diaz said he was in the car with his wife on Pines Boulevard at the beginning of the month when the shooting happened.

“He kicks open his door, and there it is, I’m facing down the barrel of a gun,” he said. “He told me to back up. I backed away and said, ‘Listen, I don’t want any problems,’ and as soon as I turn my back towards him, to walk back to my vehicle, he unloaded the full clip.”

Cellphone video shows Diaz lying down on the ground with his wife next to him moments after the shooting.

“He just immediately got out of the car and ran over and… It all happened so fast,” said wife Shama Diaz. “Like, he didn’t stop. He just kept going, closed the car door and took off.”

Jean left the scene of the shooting in a dark-colored SUV.

While Diaz was showing 7News the gunshot injuries on his legs, he said, “I felt the first shot, stood at the second shot, and the third felt like I was paralyzed.”

They said a complete stranger heard the shots and ran to help.

“He was bleeding,” Shama said.

“I was saying goodbye to my wife and saying I love you,” Diaz said. “He just came out of nowhere and pulled me over, flattened me out and put that tourniquet on me. Although I was screaming my face off and yelling…”

“He kept his composure and just kept helping,” Shama said.

Diaz said paramedics kept the tourniquet on until they reached the hospital. He believes he’s home so soon because of that man.

“He left his family at Chuck E. Cheese and actually came to help,” Shama said.

With three bullet holes on his legs, Diaz will recover.

As for Jean, police caught up to him. He faces a charge of attempted first-degree murder and remains in jail on a no-bond hold. He was ordered not to have direct nor indirect contact with the victim.

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