Another BSO deputy defends colleagues accused of rough arrest of Tamarac teen

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Another Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy took the stand for the second consecutive day asking the judge to drop the charges against their colleagues following the rough arrest of a teenager in Tamarac.

Attorneys for Gregory LaCerra and Christopher Krickovich are trying to convince the judge the deputies were forced to defend themselves back in April 2019, when a large gathering of teenagers resulted in the rough arrest of then 15-year-old Delucca Rolle.

The two deputies were charged with battery, which resulted in Krickovich getting fired and LaCerra being put on restrictive duty. The charges against Rolle were later dropped.

Attorneys argued that the Tamarac plaza where the incident happened had become a dangerous location notorious for fights.

One woman, who works at a bank in the area, testified the violence happened regularly at the plaza and had grown increasingly more dangerous.

“They became more and more violent, more and more aggressive, more and more common,” she said.

Another woman, Patricia Drotar, testified about unruly behavior at the plaza.

“Just to be clear, they have committed thefts in your restaurant, and they’ve also gotten naked or dropped their pants in your restaurant?” the attorney asked Drotar.

“Yes, those are those things that have happened,” she replied.

Joseph Cona, who responded for backup that day, testified the deputies feared for their safety.

“This happened to be a situation where he knew his safety and his guy’s safety was in jeopardy,” he said. “I’ve known LaCerra for a while, he’s never come over the radio like that to ask for backup.”

Prosecutors played a portion of Kona’s body-camera footage from that day, where the deputy is heard engaging in name-calling with teens.

“Does the training go out the window when you are disrespected by a kid?” an attorney asked.

Cona responded, “Not all the time. In this case, it may have.”

The hearing continues Wednesday.

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