PLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) - A street showdown over ducks in one South Florida neighborhood left one homeowner bloodied and bruised.

The homeowner said he saw the two men on his property trying to grab ducks and he wanted them off his private property. But when chased the men, things escalated quickly.

“And I said, “Where the hell do you think you guys are going?’ and that’s when he hit me across with the right hand into the jaw,” said Art Cosgrove, the homeowner.

Cosgrove spoke to 7News with a fresh black eye and said he was inside his home at the corner of Northwest 93rd Avenue and 17th Street when two men approached his property and tried capturing ducks on his lawn.

“He went running out and when he did, they were on the lawn, and they skedaddled as Art was running across the lawn,” Debra Brinkman said. “He said, ‘You are trespassing, you need to get off my property.'”

Surveillance video from a neighbor captured the two men arriving in a truck with nets out as they picked up one duck from Cosgrove’s yard.

One of the men then circled around to the front of the home.

That’s when Cosgrove came outside and ordered them away from his property.

The three would end up going around the pickup truck in the street, with Cosgrove and one of the men getting into it.

Eventually, one of the men grabbed a net and went after Cosgrove, striking him over and over.

“I am trying to wrestle the other guy off me to get up, and that’s when I got racked in the head a few times with the stick,” Cosgrove said.

The end result was a lacerated head and an apparent black eye.

Cosgrove now has two staples in his skull.

“They tried putting in seven but they kept hitting the skull,” Cosgrove said.

Those men took off.

Cosgrove said he filed a report with Plantation Police with a video from a neighbor after he found out the men told officers down the street they were the victims.

“I wanna file charges against these SOBs,” Cosgrove said. “They assaulted me. I didn’t touch them, and they’re saying I assaulted him? BS.”

The City of Plantation said they would not authorize trappers to go onto somebody’s private property to remove ducks.

Cosgrove claimed that his HOA also did not authorize the man to do this.

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