2 kittens, 1 older cat found abandoned at SW Miami-Dade park

DORAL, FLA. (WSVN) - Two kittens and an older cat are receiving much-needed care hours after they were found abandoned in a crate at a park in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Photos posted to social media on Saturday showed the domestic animals living in horrific conditions at Sugarwood Park in The Hammocks.

What struck Jacquelyn Johnston, with the rescue group No Paw Left Behind, when she looked at the pictures was the bottle of antifreeze located just inches from the kittens.

“There was an antifreeze bottle sitting right next to the carrier,” she said.

When the rescue group found the kittens, the animals were cold and barely moving.

“Inside were two three-week-old kittens. They were completely wet with an unknown substance,” said Johnston. “The antifreeze bottle was right next to the carriers, so it’s possible that they were covered with the antifreeze, and so we called the police.”

Johnston rushed the cats to Doral Centre Animal Hospital for treatment. She said it’s not a certainty at this point whether they’ll survive.

“The first two days are going to be critical because we don’t know if they consumed the antifreeze, and if so, how much,” she said. “The vet has let us know that it’s pretty much 100 percent fatal if they did consume the antifreeze, so these next two days are going to be touch and go.”

As they work to treat the kittens, they’re hoping the cruel dumping of animals comes to an end.

“The burden is being placed not only on the animals to find a way to survive on the streets but then on the rescuers who are trying to pick up the pieces,” said Johnston, “and I just hope we didn’t get there too late for these guys.”

According to No Paw Left Behind, the cats are in stable condition. After being checked out, they were taken to a foster home to be watched.

All three cats are expected to be put up for adoption, but that may not happen for about two months.

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