2 arrested in South Beach robbery caught on camera

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested two men who allegedly robbed a man in broad daylight on a busy sidewalk in South Beach, and it was caught on surveillance video.

A surveillance camera captured 20-year-old Michael Bellard grabbing the victim’s wallet from his backpack near Collins Avenue and 15th Street, Saturday morning. The robber then ran off. The 70-year-old victim could be seen running after him but tripped and fell to the ground face first a few seconds later.

Police said Bellard’s accomplice, 28-year-old Christopher Florez, was a lookout while Bellard took the pouch filled with cash.

An area resident who asked not to be identified or show his face on camera said he contacted police

“I just happened to walk downstairs, and they go, ‘Somebody just got robbed across the street,'” he said. “I immediately went in and called 911.”

Another city surveillance camera caught the suspects following the victim prior to the robbery. Investigators said they walked behind the victim for several blocks, first on Washington Avenue, then westbound on 15th Street until they reached Collins Avenue.

The neighbor said that the victim suffered some minor injuries when he fell. “They said his knees were bleeding, and his head was bleeding,” he said.

The duo got away, but police hunted them down.

Bellard was arrested on Tuesday. His bond was set at $11,000.

Florez was taken into custody earlier on Wednesday. His bond was set at $5,000

Bellard and Florez face a long list of charges, including robbery by sudden snatching and battery.

Florez has a long criminal history and has spent several years in prison.

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