13 families of special needs children take part in flight dress rehearsal at MIA

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami International Airport’s Airport Instruction and Readiness program hosted over a dozen families of special needs children to help prepare them for flight.

Children and parents could be seen getting boarding passes, passing through security and boarding a flight as part of a dress rehearsal, Friday.

“For him to be able to have the opportunity to come in and get to see what it’s like to go through [the Transportation Security Administration’s security], and then to go on to an actual airplane, it’s gonna be great,” Yunayki Oyarzabal, a parent, said. “It’s gonna be easier for us in the long run, and for families — any kind of family who has a child knows that it’s hard, so it’s great. We really appreciate it.”

The goal of the program is to allow anyone, regardless of their disability, to experience flight.

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