WSVN — Pat Levix: "It's taken a long time to get to this stage where we can talk about it as easily as we are today. There's not a day goes by that we don't think of him."

And their last thoughts of Jimmy are horrible. When no one heard from him for a few days, they went to the Pompano condo where he was living and found him wrapped in a blanket stuffed in a bedroom closet.

Hazel Levix: "I pulled it back to be sure it was him and he all kinds of stab wounds on him. The blood had already dried, and then I tried to protect him from seeing him, but he said he had to be sure it was his son."

Jimmy was murdered on October 27, 1987. Crimestoppers recreated the brutal attack revealing he had been stabbed at least 40 times.

Scott Gooding, Pompano Beach Police Dept.: "Inside Report the first one caught the victim right in the mouth went all the way back, severed his tounge almost in half and came out the back of his neck."

Jimmy was was good looking, a ladies man at the time of the killing. Police wondered if the killer was a jealous gay man.

Det. Ray Carmody: "I can't speculate. Did he pick somebody up that posed as a woman? Do we know that? Only he knows and the person who killed him knows."

And after killing Jimmy in a horrible rage, the killer calmed down and did something almost unheard of. Instead of fleeing he stuck around.

Pat Levix: "We know that he was there for what we think is at least three days."

Not only did the killer sleep in Jimmys bed, he apparently wore Jimmys clothes, he used Jimmys phone to call 1-900 sex lines, used Jimmy's ATM card to drain his bank account and even drove around Fort Lauderdale in Jimmy's car with its memorable 1-Iron tag. Witnesses gave police this description of the killer. A man who made sure he got away with murder by cleaning up the crime scene.

Det. Ray Carmody: "They wiped the scene completely. The scene was just wiped, disinfected, all the fingerprints were taken off. That car too had been wiped down."

Patrick Fraser: "You can call the killer brutal, disgusting, heartless, but you can't call him stupid, very meticulous, very calculating to make sure not a single fingerprint was left in a condo he lived in for three days. He got away with the murder then, but he can't outrun changing technology and determined cold case detectives.

Det. Ray Carmody: "Technology at the time with DNA wasn't what it is today so a lot of stuff we're going to re-submit, there are some things that we can do now, that they couldn't do back in 1987."

Check the DNA again to try and link it to the killer at the same time, the Broward Sheriffs Office has gone back and aged the witnesses description of the man who was seen driving. Jimmys car this is what he might look like today.

Det. Ray Carmody: "There's no statute of limitations on murder, so 50 years from now if we find the murderer it'll be prosecuted. We never give up on these cases."

Detectives never give up catching the killer, and Jimmys parents never give up hope of facing the killer.

Pat Levix: "I think the only thing I could say is why?"

Why? A question that could be answered with a phone call 21-years-ago. Jimmy Levix was murdered 21-years-ago, a killer got away. If you know anything at all about the case, Broward cold case detectives would appreciate a call.

And if a day never passes that you wonder who killed a loved one of yours. Give us a call, many people are still Out for Justice.


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