Deco's Shireen Sandoval couldn't catch up with tom: But she did run into the cast of the movie, in New York CityReady, set, action Tom Cruise plays former military investigator Jack Reacher. He shows up just in the nick of time — to help solve a mystery — involving a former army sniper:He kicks a few butts, saves a few lives and gets the girl.Tom was MIA not the airport for interviews: But Christopher Mcquarrie who wrote and directed the movie: He says shooting the big action-packed driving scenes was spectacular. Sireen: "Is it true you actually got into the car with him, while he was practicing?" CHRISTOPHER MCQUARRIE: "Well you know, that was like kids doing doughnuts, we were just driving up the streets in pittsburgh burning rubber. of course we controlled the streets, so we could do what we wanted and we had a lot of fun." shireen "that's an average day, by the way, of driving in Miami."The movie is based on a novel called one shot and cast members say,  they knew it was their one shot to work with a super star they really admire. Mike: "He doesn't take his audience for granted he knows he is where he is because people love watching his movies."ROSAMUND PIKE: "I think he's very, generous and he knows how exciting it is for people to meet him."DAVID OYELOWO: "He is a consumate professional whether dealing with the press or on-set and in this movie he's not just an actor in it, he's a producer as well. He had a hand in my casting and I'm sure every element of the film but everything stems from his love of film making period."Does Tom get the bad guy and live happily ever after? Look into your Cruise crystal ball and tell me what you think? Rosamund Pike: "Chris McQuarrie suggests he plays a scene with his shirt off, and i said fine, if that is what you feel is essestial for the character."Shireen: "I don't know how you dealt with that, you should have called your agent."

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