Urinal falls off the wall at Miami-Dade park, fracturing child’s foot

(WSVN) - A freak accident in a park bathroom left a child unable to walk, and now his family is asking if his injury could have been prevented. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

It’s one of the most beautiful spots in South Florida: Crandon Park on Key Biscayne. The sun, the sand and the palm trees.

But what happened in the bathroom here has a 12-year-old boy in a lot of pain.

Man: “What happened? Where is it hurting at?”

Cornai Orr: “My leg hurts!”

Cornai Orr was using the urinal on Memorial Day when, he says, it suddenly fell off the wall.

Cornai Orr: “When I put my hand on it getting ready to use the bathroom, it dropped out of nowhere. I didn’t see it coming. It just dropped on me.”

These pictures shows the urinal on the floor … broken into pieces.

Cornai says it landed on his foot. He was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where doctors said his foot was fractured and suffered nerve damage.

Kevisia Cain, mother: “I was like, how did this thing — how did it fall on him? I didn’t know it was possible for the urinal to come off.”

Look closely at the picture. There is rust where the urinal was connected to the wall.

Kevisia Cain: “Obviously, if that one is rusted, then the others are rusted. I don’t want that to happen to someone else’s child, because it doesn’t feel good.”

The Miami-Dade Parks Department is investigating the incident. They say the bathroom was cleaned and inspected just hours before the urinal fell.

Brian Entin: “Have you ever heard of something like this happening with a urinal?”

Jorge Mora, Miami-Dade Parks: “Not a urinal just falling on its own. No, we have never heard of it.”

After the incident, the park’s assistant director ordered an inspection of all bathrooms at Crandon Park by the county’s master plumber.

Jorge Mora: “Those connections, they do rust from time to time. So I have asked them to inspect them all, just to make sure that they’re all fixed properly.”

The county says they didn’t find any other loose urinals, and they’re in the process of building new, modern bathrooms at Crandon Park.

Meanwhile, Cornai is still in pain and will be walking with crutches for about a month.

Cornai Orr: “I can’t go to sleep. I’m up all night into the morning. It just hurts.”

He won’t be able to go to summer camp with his friends while his foot heals. And doctors are hoping the nerve damage is not permanent.


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