It’s that time already. Have you made your Christmas list? Shireen Sandoval is at Aventura Mall to fill us in on what’s Hot for Him this holiday season

Shopping for your man is a snap if you know what he wants, and if you don’t, this is a sure thing: At Bloomingdale’s, guys are crazy for Psycho Bunny.

David Kirschenbaum, Bloomingdale’s: "There’s a bit of kitsch there. There’s a lot of color, it’s exciting."

Dress him from the ground up in Psycho sneaks, polos and Ts.

David Kirschenbaum, Bloomingdale’s: "Starting at about $45 for the T-shirt and go up from there for the polo."

Another big trend for guys, comfy athletic clothes they can wear anywhere.

David Kirschenbaum, Bloomingdale’s: "This is not just for when you’re going to the gym. It’s for when you’re doing errands, you’re meeting friend, and it really looks good on everyone."

If you like a smooth face under the mistletoe, you may want to pick up one of these classic shaving kits. 

David Kirschenbaum, Bloomingdale’s: "We all have to shave, right?"

You can customize them for about $30. Making them perfect for all the good boys on your list.

If your man is the outdoorsy type, then head over to Oakley.

Gladivel Ramon, Oakley: "We have something for everyone, especially if you’re playing golf, cycling, running, everything."

Pick the frames, then pick the lenses.

Gladivel Ramon, Oakley: "You can go crazy with the colors because we have so many colors."

Wallets, business card holders and travel cases make perfect stocking stuffers at Tommy Hilfiger. Your guy can top it off with a stylish page boy cap.

And you don’t just want your man to look good. You want him to smell better than fresh baked gingerbread cookies. 

Viktor and Rolf’s Spice Bomb is the top selling cologne at Sephora.

Lessenia Munguia, Sephora: "You walk into a room, and you’re noticed right away."

And the verdict is in, Gucci’s "Guilty" won’t break your wallet with a cool price tag of $68.

Lessenia Munguia, Sephora: "These fragrances speak of someone who is very aware of himself, very confident."

Which means you can be confident that you got your man the very best gift this holiday season.

Happy shopping, ladies, tomorrow, guys, it’s your night. Shireen will be back to tell you what is hot for her. 


Aventura Mall



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