Where Is My Belly Button?

(WSVN) - She went in for a mommy makeover. She loved everything, except her body had an infection. The result? Her belly button closed, and she does not have one. Does the plastic surgeon have to now operate again to create one? It’s why she called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

When you are born with the name Mary J Loudenslager, you have to make some adjustments as a kid.

Mary J Loudenslager: “Second grade, man, they were having me put ‘Mary L.’ on my class papers ’cause it wouldn’t fit.”

Mary J shortened it even more and goes by MJ, so her husband, Grachian, goes by G.

Recently, G gave MJ another reason to smile: a big birthday present.

Mary J Loudenslager: “A mommy makeover. A tummy tuck, a breast lift and augmentation.”

MJ smartly did her research, checking out plastic surgeons, including one who had done a friend’s stomach.

Mary J Loudenslager: “His reviews were phenomenal, and I was stunned, I was had, I was sold.”

The surgery went well. MJ’s breasts and tummy tuck looked nice.

But the recovery was a little rough.

Mary J Loudenslager: “I ended up with a infection in the incision on my stomach, which goes from this hip to this hip, and it opened up in three places, and pus started coming out.”

MJ’s belly button was infected.

Mary J Loudenslager: “And I had fluid coming out of my belly button, pus, liquid and puss coming out of my belly button.”

With antibiotics, the infection went away — but so did her belly button.

Patrick Fraser: “Your belly button closed because it was infected.”

Mary J Loudenslager: “Correct. Again, I assumed, because the natural process of the body when it’s infected, is the immune system heals it.”

Before the surgery, a tattoo surrounded her belly button. Now its just a spot there.

So MJ asked the surgeon to create a new one.

Mary J Loudenslager: “‘Your belly button looks fine, honey. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.’ ‘But I don’t have a hole, doc.’ ‘You don’t need a hole.'”

The mommy makeover made MJ happy, but she says it’s not complete without her belly button.

Mary J Loudenslager: “One of the reasons why I had a tummy tuck was so I could show my stomach and have it look normal.”

Well, Howard, MJ is not happy about her belly button. Does her doctor have to do another surgery to create one?

Howard Finkelstein: “When you talk about surgery, the law can be very complicated. In this case, Mary may not like the lack of a belly button, but that does not mean the doctor made a mistake. It could be natural byproduct of a body fighting the infection, and to get another surgery to create the belly button she likes would require an attorney and medical experts. The best option: hope you picked a reputable surgeon who will do what you want done.”

Instead of contacting the doctor, I spoke to Al Auer, the owner of Strax Rejuvenation. If every viewer’s problems were this easy to solve, we wouldn’t need Help Me Howard.

Auer told me minor procedures are not uncommon to achieve optimal results, that the doctor was ready willing and able to accommodate Mary and do the minor procedure at no charge.

And their staff let Mary know.

Mary J Loudenslager: “Very amazing, very amazing, very empathetic emailing me all the time.”

MJ said the surgery went great She is happy with her look, and that she got in touch with Help Me Howard.

Mary J Loudenslager: “So without you guys, I would not have a belly button.”

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say we got them a belly button. Now, if you are going to get plastic surgery, research the doctor, and make sure when you sit down with them that they explain the risks you face and exactly what the surgery will accomplish. And of course, get all that in writing.

In a nip and tuck battle to solve a problem? Don’t have the stomach for it anymore? Let us operate. Hopefully our makeover will transform your outlook.

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