(WSVN) - Sadly, someone dumping trash on another person’s property is common in South Florida. But how would you feel to come home and find someone parked a trailer and an RV on your property? It happened to one homeowner, so she called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

In 21 years of doing Help Me Howard, I have never seen this.

Diana Green, who dumped this?: “I was in the yard. My neighbors came running. I was screaming, ‘What is this?!'”

The “this” Diana is talking about is a trailer and an RV.

Diana had been gone for three hours and came home to find them both backed into her yard.

Diana Green: “And I am just blown away. Why would someone do that to me?”

The RV had a trailer behind it with barrels and a motorcycle frame.

Whoever did this also dumped construction materials in Diana’s yard. A lot of it.

Diana Green: “There was trash, bins. There was an appliance there.”

When you open the doors, it’s hard to get inside. The RV and trailer are full.

Diana Green: “It’s so crowded in there. I peeked in there. I was afraid to go in there because I may break my neck.”

A lot of tools.

A generator.

A sewing machine.

Some books.

Maybe some things worth a dollar or two.

But most of it seems like junk.

Patrick Fraser: “You have no idea who did this?”

Diana Green: “I have no idea. No idea. I don’t even have a clue who could have done this.”

Then, things got worse.

Miami-Dade County gave Diana three courtesy warnings.

Diana Green: “I was cited for the two mobile homes and the debris that they had scattered around my yard, for something I did not do.”

Diana started calling tow companies and found out the cost to haul these things away.

Diana Green: “It’s expensive to have them moved. I can’t afford that, of course not. I don’t even think the junkyard would even want those things.”

Why these trailers were put here makes no sense.

There are no tags.

The visible VIN numbers have been removed, and no neighbors saw who did this, but Diana is no longer in shock over it because now she is steaming.

Diana Green: “And I don’t appreciate it, and I am angry. I’ve cried about it.”

Well, Howard, Diana didn’t put this here, but legally, is she responsible for the mess?

Howard Finkelstein, 7 News Legal Expert: “Well, this is a crime, and the person who dumped the trailer and RV has to remove them. But if you cannot determine who they are, the county has the right to make the property owner get rid of the trailers and trash. It’s unfair, but it’s the law.”

I contacted Miami-Dade Police.

They told me they do not handle illegal dumping, adding, “If it’s in the swale, solid waste steps in. If it’s on the real property, code enforcement handles it.”

The county did tell me they will give Diana an extension before the courtesy warnings turn into citations if she requests it.

Howard Finkelstein: “This is not someone dumping trash in the yard, and the police are wrong to let the burden fall on Diana. They have the ability to find the VIN number on the RV’s motor. They have the skill to determine the owner of the trailer, and they should do it.”

More bad news parked in Diana’s lap, who is just hoping for a break.

Diana Green: “I just pray somebody help me to remove them, so I can get back to my life.”

Want a trailer? Want an RV? There might be enough stuff in them to make it worth your while.

If you’d like to haul them away, get in touch with us, or if you know who owns them, give me a call. I would like to talk to them.

Backed into a spot and feeling dumped on? Need someone to trailer a solution for you? Hook up with us, ’cause we have some old tools to fix things for you.

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