Help Me Howard Follow-ups 2017

(WSVN) - She couldn’t get her sign put up, he couldn’t get his ring back and she could not believe a cop gave her five citations for just telling him she didn’t like the way he was doing his job. They were all on Help Me Howard … and after their stories aired, well let’s bring in Patrick Fraser with the latest.

Kristy was waiting to drop her son off at school when she saw why the line was not moving…

Kristy Hernandez, upset the officer: “Blocking the exit, not allowing anyone out.”

A school police officer was writing a ticket, slowing down traffic. As she pulled out, Kristy let the officer know what she thought of his job performance.

Kristy Hernandez (taking cellphone video: “The students are late because of you. I’m going to be sending this to your supervisor by the way, sir.”

The officer’s response? He pulled her over and started writing tickets.

Kristy Hernandez: “‘I’m pulling you over because you have an obstruction on your license plate.'”

The car dealer’s plate that covered my was the reason for one ticket. He quickly wrote three more, then finished with the big one … charging Kristy with a felony.

Kristy Hernandez: “He said I fled and eluded the police officer.”

Fleeing and eluding even though Kristy was still on school property. Howard’s conclusion?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “This is an abuse of power.”

The school police turned it over the Miami-Dade State Attorney to prosecute Kristy. Kristy then went to court. It took three seconds…

Miami-Dade State Attorney: “The state takes no action.”

The Miami-Dade State Attorney dropped the police officer’s charge.

Kristy Hernandez: “All I know is that a lot of weight is off my shoulders.”

The other four citations from the police officer were also thrown out, leaving Kristy smiling.

Kristy Hernandez: “Beyond happy trying to contain my happy tears.”

David got dropped also … by his girlfriend, but then got picked up.

Patrick Fraser: “How much was it?”

David Rawls, became very popular: “It was $6,000.”

David’s fiancee broke off their engagement … and didn’t return the ring he had bought her. After we talked to her, she gave it back. Our Help Me Howard story and David became very popular…

David Rawls: “I wish you would get on the chat line. There is about 15 women that want to talk to you.”

David said he eventually heard from about 100 women. He is now dating just one, but can’t believe how many wanted to meet him.

David Rawls: “I never dreamed that many women out there were single. I’m very happy I called Help Me Howard, very happy I called Help Me Howard.”

From finding a girlfriend to a missing sign…

Debbie Akers, Copy Biz owner: “You have to have your name in front of people every day.”

Debbie owns a printing shop in Tamarac and called us after the management company refused to reinstall her business sign that they took down when they put up a new marquee.

Patrick Fraser: “So there is 24 available spaces, there’s eight businesses here.”

Debbie Akers: “Sixteen small shops could go up on that sign.”

Patrick Fraser: “But its blank.”

Debbie Akers: “But its blank. No room for me after 12 years of being here.”

Debbie’s lease said she had the right to her Copy Biz sign — and with the property manager refusing to let her put it up, her business suffered.

Debbie Akers: “It literally breaks my heart. I get so upset and I want to cry.”

As our story got ready to air, the management company started to realize they were wrong.

Debbie Akers: “‘We have looked at your lease and you are entitled to have a sign.'”

After Debbie’s Help Me Howard story was on Channel 7, she was allowed to re-install her Copy Biz sign.

Debbie Akers: “It feels great, it feels absolutely wonderful! I won! I won, I love it, I love it. Now everyone can see where Copy Biz is.”

It was special for her to put it up … and on a very special day for her.

Debbie Akers: “Today is my birthday. The best gift ever! Is this gift from Help Me Howard and Patrick Fraser on my birthday. Thank you so much.”

Happy birthday, Debbie and glad you got that sign put up. You know Kristy, David and Debbie all have one thing in common. They never gave up. And if you are right, eventually you will win. And of course we will be there with you.

Engaged with a problem running rings around you? Wanna send of a copy of the biz to us? Yeah, that’s the ticket ’cause we can help you flee and elude that headache.

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