Giving Mother’s Clothes Away

(WSVN) - Her mother passed away, leaving behind many beautiful dresses, purses and shoes, but she didn’t want to stuff them in bags. She wanted to give them to women who needed them, and that’s what brought her to Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

They couldn’t wait to meet each other.

Kathleen Borrosso, donating mother’s clothes: “I want a hug. Don’t be nervous! Thank you for coming.”

Recipient: “Good morning. How are you ? Thank you for having me.”

Women that came to Kathleen Borrosso’s home after they saw her on Channel 7’s Help Me Howard.

Kathleen Borrosso: “You look beautiful. I’m celebrating with you. This is a celebration.”

Kathleen had talked to 7News about her mother, Joan, who had passed away.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She was a saint. I really believe that she was a saint.”

After Joan’s death, Kathleen arranged all her mother’s beautiful clothes, shoes and purses. She told 7News she couldn’t bear to just stuff them in bags and drop them off somewhere.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She would want it to go to someone who needed it, and this is exactly why I am doing this.”

Kathleen wanted to give them to women who needed them. After the story aired, hundreds of people contacted 7News. Kathleen then spoke to many of them.

Kathleen Borrosso: “Many cried. I cried with them. It was like they won a lottery or something. They said, ‘Why did you choose me?’ and they said, ‘Because you told me a story that touched me.'”

And then they got to pick out as many outfits as they wanted.

Kathleen Borrosso: “If you love that, you should take that.”

Sara Diamond, loved her new clothes: “This is great. I’m a little overwhelmed.”

Sara smiled as looked at all her choices.

Carole can’t afford new clothes.

Carole Weber, got new outfits: “It’s a very nice thing they’ve done. Don’t you think? It’s making a lot of people happy.”

Mary nearly danced as she tried on Joan’s clothes.

Seeing the joy in the faces as the women fell in love with her mother’s clothes is just what Kathleen had hoped for.

Kathleen Borrosso: “Overjoyed. Overjoyed.”

Kathleen’s friend, Nikki Karrlson, volunteered to do the hair and makeup for the women.

Mary: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this for me.”

Kathleen Borrosso: “Your hair and make up match you perfectly.

Mary: “I feel like a new woman.”

A few times the camera caught Kathleen tearing up. Especially when the women talked about her mother.

Sara Diamond: “I said, ‘Do me a favor. Thank your mother.'”

Kathleen also invited several organizations to collect outfits, like Women in Distress.

Mary Riedel, Women in Distress: “This is a real gift to me, and our woman are of all ages, all backgrounds. They’re rebuilding their lives.”

The women from Girlfriend for Girlfriend picked out outfits for the people they help go to job interviews.

Inez Ponder, Miami Rescue Mission: “That they get a chance to start all over again.”

Marva Lee, Girlfriend for Girlfriend: “When you dress up, you feel better. It’s like ‘Oh, I can do this.'”

Patrick Fraser: “Does clothes make a difference?”

Lian Navarro, Miami Rescue Mission: “Absolutely. 150%.”

Hundreds of dresses went to women who appreciate them.

Elaine Smith, picked out clothes: “Yes, I found this lovely blouse and these pants. They fit me perfectly, don’t they? Yes, they do!”

It turned out perfectly for Kathleen as well. Just the way she knew her mother, Joan, would want it.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She is overjoyed. I know she’s overjoyed. This is what she wanted and I accomplished it with the help of you guys. Thank you. Thank you. I’m thrilled.”

It doesn’t ease the pain of losing her mother, but knowing her mother is smiling makes Kathleen smile, and the people wearing those hundreds of outfits are smiling as well.

Cannot skirt a problem you are facing? Tired of getting dressed down? Then contact us ’cause we will give you the shirt off our backs, figuratively of course.

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