Generous people rush in to help woman with car trouble

(WSVN) - At Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser, they like to say most people are good. And we were all reminded of that with their story about a woman who was having trouble proving she owned her SUV. That story aired, and as Patrick tells us, South Floridians came rushing in to help her.

We first met Jackie when she was waiting for her son — a son that was born with cerebral palsy.

Jackie Chavarria, many SUV problems: “They told me that my son would never walk, talk, speak, play with other kids. Listen, I said my son is going to do all that!”

Look at Romeo today — energetic and active thanks to his determined woman.

Jackie Chavarria: “I did the part of mother, physician and therapist, so whatever they tell me to do, I do it at home.”

Jackie had called us because she had saved her money to buy a — to be polite — deeply defective SUV from a used car dealer.

Jackie Chavarria: “I’m angry, I’m upset.”

The dealership went out of business and Jackie could not get the title to her car. We helped her there.

Jackie Chavarria: “Thank you, Help Me Howard. Got my tag, title and registration.”

But as our story wrapped up, we pointed out that Jackie’s SUV had a half-dozen mechanical problems and wouldn’t crank.

Jackie Chavarria: “I’m hoping God sends me an angel to help me with the car. Can’t lose faith.”

Our story aired — and boy, did the angels in South Florida come rushing in.

We heard from about 20 people who wanted to fix her car or pay to get it repaired.

Jackie Chavarria: “I was shocked. I was shocked.”

Checks came in. One was for $500. Each donor said, “I want to be anonymous, but I want to make sure Jackie gets help.”

AJ Poulin, Lee’s Car Care: “I was sitting at home watching Help Me Howard, and we like giving back.”

Lee’s Car Care was the first repair shop to step forward. They paid to have Jackie’s car towed to their business.

A few days later, when the car was ready, AJ and Hernando from Dream Ride Transportation came in a limo to pick up Jackie and Romeo for free.

Hernando Rocha, Dream Ride Transportation: “When somebody needs help, it’s just the right thing to do. If we don’t help each other, who will?”

Jackie Chavarria: “I’ve never been in a limo, so it’s my first time.”

Romeo was in awe.

At Lee’s Car Care, the surprises continued.

AJ Poulin: “Romeo, all these guys right here, they got you this!”

They also bought new shoes for Romeo.

And AJ, the general manager at Lee’s Care Car, had a gift card for a Jackie.

Jackie Chavarria: “Thank you so much, guys.”

Of course, Lee’s Car Care had fixed everything that was wrong with the SUV.

AJ Poulin: “We changed all her brakes for her, put a new fuel pump in the car, new battery in the car, changed all the fluids, detailed the car for her, so Romeo can have fun riding around.”

AJ had the idea to help Jackie, but his mechanics wanted to step in as well.

AJ Poulin: “The guys wanted to donate their time and we donated the parts and that stuff. If she took it somewhere, it would be close to $2,000.”

To say Jackie was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Jackie Chavarria: “This is awesome. There are no words to really explain it.”

No words, but plenty of gratitude for AJ and his guys.

Jackie Chavarria: “He went beyond fixing the car, more than I ever expected or wish. I also want to say thank you to those who donated.”

Jackie got so much help from so many wonderful people.

AJ Poulin: “We love doing this.”

And they left a wonderful lady feeling very special.

Jackie Chavarria: “It’s beautiful. You feel in one way you won a lottery, but lottery in humanity.”

Wow, wow, wow. So many wonderful people wanted to help, and so many did. Thank you all, not only from Jackie, but all of us at Help Me Howard.

Got a problem you need to repair? Rather have good will instead of hearing good luck. Contact us. We aren’t good with a lug wrench, but we would to happy to donate our time.

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