Can You Refuse Pest Control During a Pandemic?

(WSVN) - He has a medical issue and has to be careful who he comes in contact with, but his condo board is saying he has to let the pest control guy in, and they say if he doesn’t, he will be fined. That question and more in tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

You don’t mix gas and fire.

It could also be explosive for your exs to meet with your current partner, and you certainly don’t want to expose someone with a lung disease to the coronavirus.

Robert Perron: “The doctors discovered that I had the beginning stages of COPD. Now, I have to rely on inhalers and medication to get me through the day.”

Robert has tried to quarantine himself because of his lung problems. We actually took his picture from the front door.

Robert Perron: “Nobody has been in the unit, nor do I allow anybody in the unit.”

But now, the condo board at Somerset is demanding Robert let the pest control person into his unit.

Dangerous, Robert says.

Robert Perron: “Therefore, the exterminator enters and exits 72 units during his rounds. I don’t know who is in those units, what they have been exposed to, if they are positive with the coronavirus, who they have been around.”

To try to force the owners to let the bug exterminator make his monthly rounds, the board posted this warning:

Robert Perron: “If you refuse to let them gain entry into your unit, you are subject to a $25 fine.”

After being laid off during the coronavirus, saving money is important, but staying away from a person walking in and out of 72 units is vital, Robert says.

Robert Perron: “The biggest issue is having somebody come into my unit that has potentially been exposed to somebody with the virus. I just want to be able to say, ‘No’ and not have to pay any consequences.”

The consequences of Robert being exposed to the coronavirus with his weak lungs could be deadly, so Howard, can he block the exterminators from coming in and not get fined for it?

Howard Finkelstein, 7 News Legal Expert: “If it’s an emergency, like a busted pipe, they can come in, but in this case, no, they cannot. It won’t hurt to skip spraying inside for a couple of months. Pest control experts have told us it’s more important to spray outside anyway, and if they try to fine Robert, they will lose that battle, as well.”

Here is a similar question. A landlord is selling the property, but the renter doesn’t want potential buyers to tour the place. Can they block them from coming in?

Howard Finkelstein: “No, they have to let the potential buyers in, but the renters have to be given proper notice and can demand everyone wear a mask and gloves.”

You could see this one coming since March. After being laid off, people can’t pay their bills. One fellow told us his credit score dropped from 700 to nearly 550. Legally, what can you do about it?

Howard Finkelstein: “Don’t feel alone. It’s happening to a lot of people. Your only option? Go to all three credit bureaus and write a short letter explaining how the effects of the coronavirus have made it difficult to pay your bills.”

A lot of complaints coming to us from South Floridians who had paid Ticketmaster or Groupon. The two groups are saying, “We are not refunding your money because the events were not cancelled. They were postponed to who knows when.” Can they do that?

Howard Finkelstein: “Technically, if they call it a postponement, they can keep the money hoping the event is rescheduled. How long can they do that? The law does not answer that. It would take a lawsuit for a judge to determine.”

Robert is not letting the exterminator into his condo. With his lungs, it’s too big a risk.

Robert Perron: “My way to fight this is to stay home and stay away from everybody.”

As we have seen across South Florida and the country, some people are not worried about the coronavirus. Many people are. Let them each live their lives the way they want.

Now, we mentioned notifying the credit bureaus about your problems paying bills. The links to contact those agencies are down below.

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