It wasn't just horrifying it was down right scary. It's the stuff all hollow's eve is made of from witches, vampires, goblins and ghouls, oh and I think gene simmons was there, too. Everyone was out to get their spook-on.It was a pageant of petrifying proportions. ASHLEY SVARNEY: "We have over 120 contestants that are dressed up in some bizarre costumes."All things scary. Scandalous and skeevy…Shireen: "Can I touch your nipple?" Beauty Queen: "You can do whatever you want honey" Shireen: "My dreams have come true."Gathered at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, At Opium Nightclub.Shireen: "How did you get that zipper on your nose?" I'm gene simmons cuz i'm a kiss fan and this was all made by me myself and I. No bought parts no bought boots, no bought nothing."It's the fourth year for this frightful night. The scary rock star costume contest. Shireen: "OMG wait, i think your tooth is loose you need a root canal! he needs a root canal!"And dare I say?ASHLEY SVARNEY: "Guy who glows in dark "hi deco drive what'z up."Vincent price would be proud. Shireen: "Can I borrow the ring? Don't touch that it's expensive! omg! whoa!The judges we went in for the jugular, to get it just right don't cry lil monster's only a few can win. Ashley: "There are $25,000 in cash and prizes that will be shared amongst the winners. The very top prize will walk out of here with $6,000 in cash."Tthe over-all prize of the night? Bram stokers.It was one bloody good time and deco wouldn't have it any other way. Fan favorite went to Muppets mayhem. In the pop culture category: The pig's blood scene from the movie Carri won and Tim Burton's corpse bride won for best miscellaneous costume. Congrats to all  of the spook-tac-ular winners.

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